Acta Gymnica, 2016 (vol. 46), issue 3

Pre-race characteristics and race performance in hyponatremic and normonatremic finishers of Czech ultra-races

Daniela Chlíbková, Thomas Rosemann, Beat Knechtle, Marietta Sengeis, Lenka Posh, Ivana Tomášková

Acta Gymnica 2016, 46(3):109-116

Background: Exercise-associated hyponatremia (EAH) is used to describe hyponatremia occurring during or up to 24 hours after physical activity. Objective: The aim of the study was to compare pre-race characteristics, race performance and plasma sodium [Na+] levels of hyponatremic and normonatremic ultra-endurance athletes and chosen variables in all finishers (N = 138). We assessed age, gender, club membership, pre-race training history and experience, pre-race body mass and body mass index (BMI) in 138 finishers of ultra-races (stage mountain bikers, 24 hours mountain bikers, 24 hours ultra-runners and 100 km ultra-runners)...

Incremental shuttle walk test as an indicator of decreased exercise tolerance in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Jana Hodonská, Kateřina Neumannová, Zdeněk Svoboda, Vratislav Sedlák, Jaromír Zatloukal, Marek Plutinský, Vladimír Koblížek, Lucia Bizovská

Acta Gymnica 2016, 46(3):117-121

Background: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is accompanied by a number of clinical symptoms, from cough and breathlessness to system disorders as a result of comorbidities. These manifestations have a significant effect on decreased exercise tolerance. Patients are limited in activities of daily living and in physical activities, especially walking, walking upstairs and uphill. Objective: The objective of this study was to assess exercise tolerance and compare the results of the Incremental shuttle walk test (ISWT) in patients with severe COPD and a group of healthy individuals. The next aim was focused on the changes in haemoglobin oxygen...

Acute effects of static stretching of upper arm and forearm on the accuracy of free throws in basketball

Igor Vučković, Aleksandar Gadžić

Acta Gymnica 2016, 46(3):122-128

Background: Free throws are a very important element in modern basketball. There are many studies focused on different aspects ranging from variability in the mechanics of throwing at various skill levels to the influence of free throws on the results of games. Objective: Since the authors of the present study noticed that some players during a game apply static stretching of shooting arm as a preparation to perform the free throw, we wanted to question the justification of such procedure prior to the performance of free throws. The purpose of this study was to determine an effect of submaximal 15 seconds static stretching of the upper arm (m. triceps...

Validity of Garmin Vívofit and Polar Loop for measuring daily step counts in free-living conditions in adults

Adam Šimůnek, Jan Dygrýn, Aleš Gába, Lukáš Jakubec, Jiri Stelzer, František Chmelík

Acta Gymnica 2016, 46(3):129-135

Background: Wrist activity trackers (WATs) are becoming popular and widely used for the monitoring of physical activity. However, the validity of many WATs in measuring steps remains unknown. Objective: To determine the validity of the following WATs: Garmin Vívofit (Vívofit) and Polar Loop (Loop), by comparing them with well-validated devices, Yamax Digiwalker SW-701 pedometer (Yamax) and hip-mounted ActiGraph GT3X+ accelerometer (ActiGraph), in healthy adults. Methods: In free-living conditions, adult volunteers (N = 20) aged 25 to 52 years wore two WATs (Vívofit and Loop) with Yamax and ActiGraph simultaneously over a 7 day...

Influence of selected phases of the menstrual cycle on performance in Special judo fitness test and Wingate test

Miloš Štefanovský, Alexandra Péterová, Marián Vanderka, Lukáš Lengvarský

Acta Gymnica 2016, 46(3):136-142

Background: Several scientific papers in recent years dealt with the menstrual cycle and its impact on female sport performance. No differences have been found in aerobic performance, but the results of the studies dealing with the influence of the menstrual cycle on anaerobic performance are often controversial. Objective: The aim of this study was to verify the effect of selected phases of the menstrual cycle on anaerobic performance of judokas in the Wingate test and Special judo fitness test. Methods: The research sample was composed of 8 young female judokas (age 18.14 ± 3.44 years; body weight...

Country, age, and gender differences in the prevalence of screen-based behaviour and family-related factors among school-aged children

Jan Pavelka, Daniela Husarova, Anna Sevcikova, Andrea Madarasova Geckova

Acta Gymnica 2016, 46(3):143-151

Background: New information and communication technologies have become an important part of adolescents' everyday lives. However, the sedentary behaviour of young people in Central Europe has become more similar to that found in Western European countries. This study can provide baseline data for a future comparison and investigation of lifestyle and health behaviours in this region in the future. Objective: The aim of this study is to assess country, age, and gender differences in the prevalence of sedentary behaviour activities and family-related factors among school-aged children. Methods: Using the methodology of the Health Behaviour in School-aged...