Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 2012 (vol. 42), issue 3

Movement Assessment Battery for Children - second edition: Cross-cultural comparison between 11-15 year old children from the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom

Rudolf Psotta, Jan Hendl

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2012 42(3): 7-16 | DOI: 10.5507/ag.2012.013

Background: With the exception of specific clinical methods, no widely used diagnostic tool for motor development assessment of children exists in the Czech Republic. The Movement Assessment Battery for Children - second edition (MABC-2) seems to be one the most developed instruments for children's motor coordination assessment. However, to use it in the Czech population of children in educational and psychological practice including physical education, the cross-validity of the test battery needs to be examined. Objective: The aim of the study was to make a comparative analysis of performance in motor tasks of the MABC-2 measured in...

Active transport among Czech school-aged children

Jan Pavelka, Dagmar Sigmundová, Zdeněk Hamřík, Michal Kalman

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2012 42(3): 17-26 | DOI: 10.5507/ag.2012.014

Background: Active transport is a very important factor for increasing the level of physical activity in children, which is significant for both their health and positive physical behaviour in adult age. Objective: The aim of the study was to establish the proportion of Czech children aged 11 to 15 who select active transport to and from school and, at the same time, describe socio-economic and socio-demographic factors influencing active transport to and from school among children. Methods: To establish the socio-demographic factors affecting active transport, data of a national representative sample of 11 to 15 year-old elementary...

Verification of the model of predisposition in triathlon - structural model of confirmative factor analysis

Lenka Kovářová, Karel Kovář

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2012 42(3): 27-38 | DOI: 10.5507/ag.2012.015

Background: The triathlon is a combination of three different types of sport - swimming, cycling, and running. Each of these requires different top level predispositions and complex approach to talent selection is a rather difficult process. Attempts to identify assumptions in the triathlon have so far been specific and focused only on some groups of predispositions (physiology, motor tests, and psychology). The latest studies missed the structural approach and were based on determinants of sport performance, theory of sports training and expert assessment. Objective: The aim of our study was to verify the model of predisposition in...

The effect of active recovery, cold water immersion and passive recovery on subsequent knee extension and flexion strength

Barbora Strejcová, Renata Konopková

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2012 42(3): 39-47 | DOI: 10.5507/ag.2012.016

Background: Recovery is an important aspect of every physical activity. Many athletes train hard without giving their body time to recover which can lead to overreaching, burnout or poor performance. Currently cold-water immersion recovery and active recovery have emerged as some of the most popular interventions enabling faster recovery. Objective: To assess the effect of three kinds of recovery (active recovery, cold water immersion, passive recovery) on medium-term knee strength in the extension and flexion. Methods: Fourteen athletes at the age of 26.6 ± 4.4 years performed, in a random cross-over design, 3 sessions...

The effect of rehabilitation on heart rate variability in patients with Parkinson's disease

Petr Uhlíř, Jaroslav Opavský, Amr Mohamed Zaki Zaatar

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2012 42(3): 49-54 | DOI: 10.5507/ag.2012.017

Backround: Parkinson's disease includes disorders of the motor and autonomic functions (Oka et al., 2006). It is necessary to influence both systems to improve the health state of the patients. The effects of rehabilitation on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) are not clear yet. Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate differences in the autonomic nervous system (ANS) regulation following a rehabilitation programme in patients with Parkinson's disease (PD) with the use of spectral analysis of heart rate variability (SAHRV) in a supine-standing-supine test. We wanted to compare findings in patients with PD prior to a rehabilitation...

The influence of a six month aerobics programme on middle aged women's aerobic capacity and body composition

Barbora Šeděnková, Pavel Stejskal, Jaroslav Šimíček, Milan Elfmark, Tereza Bušinová, Barbora Raníková

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2012 42(3): 55-66 | DOI: 10.5507/ag.2012.018

Background: Regular physical activity has a positive influence on increasing physical fitness, which has considerable impact on health and, consequently, on the quality and length of human life. Objective: The aim of the study was to assess the influence of six months of physical endurance activity on the body composition and aerobic capacity of middle aged women. Methods: Forty women between the ages of 40 to 55 years with a sedentary occupation and without regular physical activity took part in the study. The experimental group (n = 21) participated in dance aerobics lessons combined with strength training three times a week...