Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 2008 (vol. 38), issue 1

Relationship between sports activity, smoking and alcohol and marijuana abuse in elementary school children in Slovenia

Veronika Lucija Kropej, Mateja Videmąek, Rado Piąot

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 7-16

Prevention is the most effective remedy against drug abuse. On the one hand, physical activity triggers a series of factors which compel us to adopt healthy dietary behaviours and, on the other, it constitutes drug abuse prevention, as it is itself a kind of body and mind stimulant. The research at hand aims at establishing the degree of familiarity with and abuse of narcotic drugs (such as, for instance, cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana) in pupils in relation to the frequency of their engagement in sports activities. The sample comprised 748 children, 194 male and 189 female fourth graders (with an average age of 10 years ± 5 months) and 201...

Overweight and obesity trends in Slovenian boys from 1991 to 2006

Marjeta Kovač, Bojan Leskoąek, Janko Strel

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 17-26

The study examined a group of overweight and obese Slovenian boys aged seven to eighteen with the use of an annually repeated cross sectional study. The study lasted from 1991 to 2006 and was based on the body mass index according to the IOTF norms. The results show that the proportion of overweight boys in this period increased by 40% (from 13.5% to 18.8%), whereas the proportion of obese boys more than doubled (from 2.8% to 6.1%). The prevalence of overweight and obesity is highest in childhood and early adolescence since it is more than twice as high than at the age of eighteen. Trends and the prevalence of obesity and overweight are similar to...

Posture analysis using position detector DTP2 in senescent women after the application of a targeted exercise program

Jarmila Riegerová, Jakub Krejčí, Petr Kolisko, Miroslava Přidalová

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 27-33

During the years 2005, 2006, and 2007, we studied changes in the posture and spinal shape in three groups of younger female seniors (mean age 61, 63, and 66 years) using the diagnostic device DTP2 following the interventional procedure of a targeted exercise program (the Chinese therapeutic exercise known as "Hui chun gong"). The exercise influenced mainly the pelvic area; the trends suggesting improved posture and stability did not reach statistical significance in all cases. Since the exercise technique is technically difficult, improperly performed positions resulted in a zero effect rather than improvement.
Positive changes were always found...

The height of the longitudinal foot arch assessed by Chippaux-©miřák index in the compensated and uncompensated foot types according to Root

Ivan Vařeka, Renata Vařeková

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 35-41

It is known that functional types and subtypes of foot according to Root differ, among others, by the height of foot arch when load is applied. The study objective was to use the Chippaux-©miřák index (CSI) to evaluate the height of the longitudinal foot arch in functional (sub)types according to Root. The test group consisted of 141 women (17-85 year, x = 58.8, SD = 12) and 87 men (22-86 year, x = 58.7, SD = 11.91), mainly middle aged and older. One examiner assessed the foot types and subtypes in all test subjects - rearfoot varus compensated (RFvarC), partially compensated (RFvarP) and uncompensated (RFvarN), forefoot varus compensated (FFvarC),...

The significance of sensorimotor response components and EMG signals depending on stimuli type in fencing

Zbigniew Borysiuk

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 43-51

The purpose of the present study was to examine reaction time, movement time (MT) and electromyography signals under conditions of tactile, acoustic and visual stimulation. Two groups of subjects took part in the study - one consisting of advanced fencers (n = 12, average age 22.3) having practiced fencing for an average of 8.3 years; and the other consisting of novice fencers (n = 15, average age 14.8) having practiced fencing for an average of 2.8 years. The research tool applied in the study was an innovative system of surface electromyography with peripheral equipment that enabled participants' reactions to tactile, audio and visual stimulation...

Load intensity in volleyball game like drills

Michal Lehnert, Pavel Stejskal, Pavel Háp, Miroslav Vavák

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 53-58

The key problem of training in sports games is rightfully considered the relation between match performance and training load (Argaj, 2005; Bloomfield, Fricker, & Fitch, 1992; Dobrý & Semiginovský, 1988; Laurenčík, 2006; Reilly & Bangsbo, 1998; Tomajko, 2000). The training process in volleyball must result from the typical demands of match load, the specificities of players' specializations and their roles in the game system of a team, athletes' individual specificities and, at the same time, respect the trends of modern volleyball and the training process. Changing an intensive movement activity focused on performing specific tasks for...

An example of an e-learning community for lifelong learning by physical education teachers

Matej Majerič, Milan ®van, Marko Kolenc

Acta Univ. Palacki. Olomuc., Gymn. 2008 38(1): 59-67

The contemporary trends in the world and in the EU indicate an increase in the number of e-learning communities. This paper presents an example of the first learning community in Slovenia in the field of practical pedagogical training for students, the "".
The Faculty, sport students, professors, and the mentors at schools cooperate within the e-learning community and in this way interconnect "theory and practice". Within the e-community and by using blogs (web logs), users can share "examples of the best practice" and therefore gain, develop, and share professional competencies in the field of physical education - they are proving...