Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 1999 (vol. 29), issue 2

A comparison of the take-off and the transition phase of the ski jumping between the group of the ski jumpers and the competitors in Nordic combined

M. Janura, M. Lehnert, M. Elfmark, F. Vaverka

Response of a pregnant uterus on impact loading

K. Jelen, S. Otáhal, A. Doležal

The structure of space orientation and motor adjustment – computer supplemented diagnosis system

Z. Waśkiewicz, G. Juras, J. Raczek

Swimming velocity determination by crucial points of swimming technique

M. Lukášek

Health and relationship to one’s body in students of physical education and sports in Prague, Cologne and Moscow

L. Fialová, J. Mrazek, I. Bychovskaja

The influence of a six-month athletics treatment incorporated in physical education classes on changes of morphological characteristics in seven-year old boy

N. Rausavljević, R. Katić, M. Žvan, A. Pejčić

Motor competence of 7–10 year old children with visual disabilities

Z. Janečka

Scoring skills performances of the top international men’s sitting volleyball teams

R. Vute

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