Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 1999 (vol. 29), issue 1

The effect of age on short–term heart rate variability

P. Stejskal, R. Šlachta, M. Elfmark, J. Salinger, T. Retek, R. Vychodil, J. Novotný, T. Brychta, J. Bureš, R. Jurča, M. Kalina

Somatical diagnosis of women in the age of maturus and presenilis – female students of the University of the 3rd age at the Faculty of Physical Culture at Palacký University in Olomouc

J. Riegerová, M. Sigmund

A comparison of czech and polish students in terms of muscle functions

M. Přidalová

Relation between human plasma concentration of leptin and adiposis

M. Kalina, P. Stejskal, D. Stejskal, I. Řehová, R. Jurča

Results of biomechanical analysis in snowbiking

K. Jelen, S. Jandová

Physical culture and the Process of European Integration

B. Hodaň

The reflection of Special Olympics sports interventional programme in inner experience of adolescents with mental retardation

H. Válková, V. Hansgut, M. Nováčková

Research of determinants of the views on physical training of pupils from schools for educationally disabled

V. Karásková, W. Dluzewska, M. Górny

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