Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 2000 (vol. 30), issue 2

Obesity, energy balance, and its regulation

P. Stejskal

Leptin and exercise in overweight and obese women

M. Kalina, J. Smigová, D. Stejskal, P. Stejskal, I. Řehová, M. Petr, R. Jurča, R. Šlachta

The influence of an experimental training programme on endurance development among boys in their early puberty age

D. Karpljuk, M. Videmšek

The influence of passive sacroiliac joint mobilisation on some body posture parameters in the sagittal plane

E. Saulicz

Motor fitness and social development in 13 year old pupils from Poland

M. Bronikowski, M. Król-Zielińska, J. Tarnas

Correlates of physical activity in 11-12-years-old children

E. Sigmund, J. Vašendová, F. Neuls, K. Frömel, K. Skalik

Influence of the sport team games on a posture of body of blinds and people with dimness of vision

E. Bolach, T. Skolimowski

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