Acta Universitatis Palackianae Olomucensis. Gymnica, 2003 (vol. 33), issue 1

The relationship between children’s personal traits, motor activity and motor performance

Ludmila Zapletalová, Helena Medeková

Basic kinematic differences between two types of jump shot techniques in handball

Marko Šibila, Primož Pori, Marta Bon

Sport, motor and hiking free time activities according to motivation factors (downhill skiing)

Jaroslav Žídek, Ján Záhorec

Phenomenon of human self-overlapping – starting points and relations (connection with the sphere of physical culture)

Jan Štěrba

Evaluation of job stress factors (organizational and managerial) among heads of physical education organizations

Hassan Assadi

Analysis of the sitting-to-standing movement in variously demanding postural situations

Petra Gaul-Aláčová, Jaroslav Opavský, Miroslav Janura, Milan Elfmark, Jitka Stehlíková

Eearly effects of inpatient (phase I) and outpatient (phase II) cardiac rehabilitation in patients with post myocardial infarction and subsequent treatment using coronary artery bypass grafting or coronary artery stent implantation

Zbigniew Nowak, Rafał Gnat, Michał Plewa

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